Welcome to Seven Days to Change the World. A few short months ago nobody would have believed that hundreds of thousands of people all over the world would be taking to the streets to reclaim their rights as citizens and human beings. What started as a few brave individuals has become a worldwide movement that is actively engaged in challenging the status quo through non-violent resistance and causing the powers that be to flounder, unable to respond to what is a wholly justified plea for fairness and equality. Far from being an isolated minority the Occupy movements worldwide and the 15M movement in Spain that inspired them have channeled a deeply and widely held belief that, as things stand, the vast majority of people are suffering to maintain a system that benefits the few. Seeking broad concensus rather than creating a narrow band of demands, these movements have consistently resisted premature definition, relying instead on innumerable clusters of citizens discussing and exploring change, slowly feeling their way towards a possible future. Some dismiss this way forward as impossibly idealistic and glacially inefficient, however, it could be argued that the change has to be so dramatic that only a thoroughly rigourous examination of the current state of affairs and the solutions required will achieve the genuine change people are calling for. Everything, it seems, is in flux. Change must and will come. Seven Days to Change the World is part of that process.

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April 21, 2014